Beginning in 2012, Heffter funded a successful pilot trial with psilocybin for the treatment of alcoholism at the University of New Mexico. This 10 participant study showed highly significant improvements in alcohol use and life-satisfaction after two psilocybin sessions. Currently, at New York University, Michael Bogenschutz, M.D. and his team are conducting a follow-up clinical trial of 180 patients with alcohol-specific psychotherapy for alcohol dependence and two sessions with psilocybin or placebo. The study is expected to finish in 2019 and continues to seek funding.
Smoking Cessation
At Johns Hopkins University, Matt Johnson, Ph.D. and his team piloted a trial with 15 participants, 80% of whom remained abstinent after three sessions with psilocybin. The team is currently conducting a placebo-controlled clinical trial of 80 participants with nicotine dependence, with half receiving psilocybin and half receiving nicotine patch treatment. All subjects receive specific psychotherapy for smoking cessation and a single psilocybin session. In addition, subjects will receive fMRI neuroimaging through government funding to help understand the neurobiological changes that occur when psilocybin is administered to smokers. The study is expected to finish in 2017.
Cocaine Dependence
At the University of Alabama, Birmingham, Peter Hendricks, Ph.D. and his team are conducting a placebo-controlled pilot study of 40 patients with cocaine dependence, with half receiving psilocybin and half an active placebo, and all will receive specific psychotherapy for cocaine dependence and fMRI neuroimaging before and after psilocybin treatment. Heffter provided seed funding for this project, which is also funded by the University.


60 Minutes - Psychedelic Science
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Sarah - UNM Alcohol Dependence Study
Sarah describes her experience of becoming sober from alcohol dependence with psilocybin treatment at the University of New Mexico. This is the first psychedelic treatment for alcohol dependence in about 50 years.
Sarah - UNM Alcohol Dependence Study - longer video
An extended version of Sarah's video interview of her two psilocybin sessions and the results she experienced.
Stephen Ross, M.D.
Stephen Ross, M.D. discusses Psilocybin, Addiction, and End of Life.


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